How Glenda Green and a Closer Relationship to Jeshua (Jesus) Came into My Life

I was living in a Resort Area in Northern Michigan, at the time.
There was a small Shop there I frequented often, that sold books and stones etc.
I was a regular in this shop and had just finished reading a series that the Shopkeeper had previously recommended.
I had come in to get a book that was mentioned in that series.
The Shopkeeper dissuaded me from that particular book.
He took me over to Glenda's book, "Love Without End Jesus Speaks" and he got tears in his eyes and said, "I think you need to read this book."  I could see he was very touched by just picking it up and giving it to me.
He said, "I have to tell you, the Miracle that happened to me associated with Glenda and her Painting of Jesus."
He said, "I wanted to get a copy of the Portrait of Jesus for my wife for Christmas.  Like most guys do, I waited until the last minute.  It was only 3 days before Christmas when I called Glenda to order."  She said, "It is just impossible to get you a Portrait that soon."
The Shopkeeper said to me, "I realized what I was asking of her, I asked Glenda, when I could get the portrait" and she said, "Probably in the middle of January."  the Shopkeeper said, "O.K. I will just give my wife a card saying she will be getting it then." He really choked up, as he went on with the story.

He said, "We closed the shop at noon on Christmas Eve and went home.  There was a package on the front porch when we got there.  When I opened it, I was amazed, it was the Portrait of Jesus!   He said, I just couldn't believe it, I cried."
I have been so thankful to the Shopkeeper, ever since for sharing his love of the Portrait. His Recommendation changed my life!
I have read "Love Without End" and re-read the book many many times, and it has become a study for me.  It has become my Bible along with the second book, "The Keys of Jeshua".
After reading the Book the first time, I had to have a copy of the Portrait for myself, so I ordered it and within a week of it hanging in my house, Miracles started to happen for me and continue to happen!  I also visited the Original Portrait in Fort Worth Texas.
That was the beginning of my Relationship with Glenda, but most importantly, my "REAL RELATIONSHIP with Jeshua". (aka Jesus).  My heart sings from what he has brought to me through Glenda....
Glenda is Professor and a Portraitist.
In 1989 her husband had a dream that she would paint a Great Portrait of Christ, when he told her, she told him he was delirious!
Glenda told her husband finally, after he kept at her about it (her own words "I will not invent the Master, If He shows up for a sitting , I'll paint Him" He did and she did!
The book is about conversations between Glenda and Jeshua during this time.
The Oils were a gift to Glenda from Jeshua on the 10th Anniversary of the publishing of "Love Without End Jesus Speaks".
Glenda stated in her book, that there was always a Beautiful lingering Aroma after Jeshua would leave the sitting.  She tried to re-create it for 9 years afterwards and couldn't.
Jeshua  gave her the formula for his Scent and also Seven more to create a "Temple" that could not be destroyed, once it was fully established.  This was the idea of Individual Atonement and Spiritual Fulfillment.
For him the fundamental prototype of every Temple was the Sacred Heart.
The Seven Oil Scents, each signify a Pillar of the Sacred Heart, Christ Scent is his Scent, then Compassion, Innocence, Forgiveness, Abundance, Joy, and Wisdom make up the Sacred Touch Oils.  

You can click on the Christ Scent link above and Love Without End Jesus Speaks and link to Glenda's site and read all about all of her beautiful Oils, or the here below.
I personally wear a drop of Christ Scent on my heart every day.   I have all the Sacred Oils and all of the Scents of Life. 
I Meditate with Ohm and Holy Ground and use all the Oils.  I also have a few from her newer Line as well.
Glenda's Oils are the purest and highest quality you can get. But mostly they are Blessed by Jeshua which makes them so very special.
Glenda is a wonderful Teacher and Conduit for Jeshua's True Teachings to the Original Apostles, I highly recommend her Books, Oils, Paintings and Classes, (I have taken several of her classes.)   She is a very Intelligent and Beautiful Lady.  My life has been so very Blessed just knowing her.  You can go to her web site here.    (I have not recieved any compensation for this endorsement, it is from my heart)

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