About the Author, Christine

Christine is a Stress Release Coach and Certified EFT (emotional freedom technique) Practitioner. She has another website with all her information about her journey with EFT, and it is in her book "I Saw Heaven In My Dog's eyes".

About a year before her dog transitioned to the other side, Chrisitne had decided she wanted to write a book sharing the wonderful adventures she had shared with her dog and husband during her dog's life. She made an out line of all the high points and her love of their time together and put it away.

Little did she know at that time what was before her, until  the day came when she had to say goodbye to her sweet dearly loved rat terrier of nineteen years. She had never been through having to put a pet family member down before and it devistated her. She couldn't even start the book until a year later after she had time to assimilate all the awarenesses she had been given.

The book contained all that was in her outline and much more than she could have ever concieved would be a part of it. The book took a year to write and six years to edit! Christine had never written a book before and didn't know where to start. She had her outline but so much more to add. She would recieve banks of thought and would write them down and put them in a box. When she meditated she would recieve gudience and when she actually sat down to write, the Holy Spirtit worked with her guiding her in every way. Writing the book helped her, due to being able to relive some of the best times of her life.

Christine wrote the book to be able to share how she healed from debilitating guilt and grief from the loss of her dog, to help others be able to do the same. She works with Clients to release those feelings using the EFT technique which works amazingly to release those negative emotions.

If you or someone you know is suffering from these grief emotions and would like to release them, you can contact Christine the Author, in the sign up box on this web site.

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