I Saw Heaven In My Dogs Eyes

How I recovered from her loss & the gift she gave to me

And now I hope to share her gift with others. I had an awesome experience knowing my rat terrier during her life time. Many awesome things happened in my life during the nineteen years of her life and beyond.

I gained so much wisdom from her.

I became a Certified EFT Practitioner during her life. My book describes how I used my skills to help her before her passing. (visit my EFT website - rapidlifechanges.com)

My book is about our Spiritual Journey, filled with my unusual adventures and her aging process, what I went through in having to say goodbye to my dog, the special gift I received and how I recovered from my grief.

One of the reasons I wrote this book, is to help others who have lost a beloved pet, to let them know there is a way to recover from the grief of that loss, in a gentle loving way.

I am pleased to announce that the Paper Back book and the Ebook versions, are now published and available on Amazon.com, the book can also be ordered and purchased from any book store.

Please visit my other passion on my www.rapidlifechanges.com web site. If you have any comments or want to contact me you can reach me through the contact us page. Thank You for visiting my Web site.

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